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tHe PaTH


” Life is like a bitter cup of tea at times ! IMAAN,SALAH & PATIENCE are the sugar cubes. The spoon is in your hand. You control its’ sweetness “
You choose your road, You choose your destiny
The obstacles was there

May be difficult, May be easy
Whatever it is you need to overcome it

You need to know that ALLAH has reason

in every difficulties , sadness & problems


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Great Wall of CHINA

Alhamdulillah my friends and I got the opportunity to go to China for educational trip.

Hmm….thinking that I will go there by aeroplane makes me feel scary.

Variety of excuses that have been listed in my brain, unfortunately it was a compulsory trip.

” Amirah just hold my hand, when the aeroplane takes off “, said  Atiqah calmly.

Tears coming out with my eyes close .


(signs of hypoglycemia) Haha….

No lah it was first timer syndrome

Haha ,then I opened my eyes , wipe my tears and saw four eyes looking at me while laughing..


The momento :








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New blog with the exciting adventures….perhaps

Havoc moment in clinic, compentacy tests, and exams make me feel wanna run away from all this but suprisingly it was not like I thought,

Actually the moment was fun, dealing with patient, get scold by the lecturers makes my brain works faster like a MACHINE ! The adrenaline rush make my heart pumping faster causing my body to move faster than what can I imagine.


Fat burns ! Calories burns !

Everything is burning , Yeah !

Sing a song while walking up the stairs like nothing happened,

Put a smile on the face showing teeth with metal on top of it,

Sit on the chair and gives reward to myself by eating moist chocolate cake


Just burnt the fat and calories and everything FINISH !


                                                                                                  THE END.